Strategies and Tips for Online Fruit Machine Games

A lot of players on and offline often imagine that there is some mysterious combination you have to "input" to win at fruit machines. In reality, there is unfortunately no such thing, otherwise all of us would millionaires as you can imagine.

1. Decide your budget

There are however a few strategies and tips on how to play fruit machines and get the most out of it. For example one of the most important things while playing online slots (as fruit machines are commonly called online), is to decide a specific amount of cash you are playing with, say every day, or every other day. Something like £20 or £30 for example, in other words an affordable sum that you can really afford to loose, just in case that happens.

While the the previous tip might sound weird, there is a very clear logic behind it. Even when you are playing your favourite fruit machine at the pub or anywhere else, you always subconsciously decide how much of your cash, usually coins of course, you are going to play with. Most of the times however, you just play all the coins out of your wallet. When playing online fruit machines, you can insert more than the coins, which means that playing with a big amount of cash can be very devious, as you can loose all the cash you deposited in a matter of minutes.

Thus the rule number one is: Decide a daily or weekly or at least monthly amount you can afford to use.

2. Don't forget the Jackpots

The second tip, that is often disregarded, is that to get the fabulous Jackpot wins at a slot games, you almost always HAVE TO play with the maximum coin value. As you have probably noticed, the online slot machines give the player an option to decide the value of each "inserted" coin, usually the values vary from a penny or a cent to $/£/€1. Meaning that even by depositing £10 you can actually play a lot!

Jackpots however are not won with small coin values, so if you are really "going for it" you should simply make a decision on how many "full coin value"-spins you will have before changing the game or the value of the coin.

3. Use granted Bonuses

The third tip is to use your bonuses to their maximum value. For example a 100% deposit bonus will grant you the same amount as you are depositing completely FREE! Meaning that depositing a £100 into a casino that is offering a 100% deposit bonus will allow you to play with a total of £200! You will utilise the bonus the best if you try to deposit the maximum amount the bonus is valid for. For example if the bonus is said to be a 100% bonus up to £100 it simply states that the maximum amount gained using the given bonus is £100. It is still possible to deposit less, say £20, but in that case your bonus will be a 100% of £20 which is £40.

4. Start by playing for Free

The final tip we have is to try out the free versions of the games before spending a dime! Almost all casinos offer their games for "free play", though most of them do require you to register and log on before playing them. You can try some of the nicest ftuit machines for free directly from our site! Go check them out at our Free Fruit Machines page!

To sum all the tips up:

  1. Decide your playing budget
  2. Don't forget to change the value of the coins when playing for Progressive Jackpots
  3. Don't forget about bonuses and use them when you can.
  4. Start with the Free Games.


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